Narrogin Primary School opened in 1905 and in 2005 held its centenary celebrations, including a Centenary Open Afternoon, Pioneer Day and the erection of a commemorative brick wall with the names of past and present staff and students.


The Centenary Open Afternoon was held on Saturday 5 November, 2005 and conducted by school staff, with the off-site kindergarten and classrooms open for viewing, followed by an official Centenary Ceremony including a choir performance, memories and cutting of the centenary cake.


The school library displayed old photographs and memorabilia, there was a display of student work ‘through the decades’ and commemorative merchandise was available for sale, including tea towels, coffee cups, pens and postcards.


There was the opportunity for people to have individual and group photographs taken, and afternoon tea was served.


On Friday 4 November 2005, the school held a Pioneer Day, inviting staff and students to come to school dressed up as early pioneers. The day included a whole school assembly with the school creed, a sing-a-long led by the choir, show and tell of class work, and a costume parade. Students then experienced old-fashioned lessons in class, milk time and old-fashioned games including marbles, hoops, hop scotch, fly, skipping, French cricket, quoits, knuckle bones, elastics and clapping games.


Throughout its 100 years Narrogin Primary School has produced worthy citizens, great parents, super sports men and women, microbiologists, artists, musicians, dancers, doctors, nurses, dentists, university professors, educators, politicians, architects and even a Miss Australia.


Some of the changes that have occurred at the school during this time include:

  • White boards instead of black boards
  • Computers and calculators in place of slates
  • Running water instead of rainwater tanks
  • Lawn and play equipment in place of gravel
  • School buses and bikes replacing horses and carts.


Shannon Nicholas and Holly Moore dressed up as early pioneers.



George Finnigan, our oldest student (97 ½ yo), and Ashtyn Steer, our youngest student (4yo), cutting the beautiful centenary cake which was made by Margaret Barnes.


Commemorative Brick Wall

The commemorative brick wall.