Our Staff

Leadership Team



Mr David Harrison - Principal

Mr Harrison has been the Principal of Narrogin Primary School since Term 4 2011. As a long time member of the Narrogin Community he is committed to encouraging excellence in education for all students.
If you would like to email Mr Harrison please send your email to David.Harrison@education.wa.edu.au




Mrs Jennifer Carter - Deputy Principal

If you would like to email Mrs Carter please send your email to jenny.carter@education.wa.edu.au


Mrs Shannon Hardingham - Deputy Principal

We will see Mrs Hardingham in her role on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


If you would like to email Mrs Hardingham, please send your email to Shannon.Hardingham@education.wa.edu.au



Mrs Michelle Edwards - Manager Corporate Services

If you would like to email Mrs Edwards please send your email to Michelle.Edwards@education.wa.edu.au




Other Staff

We have a dedicated team of teaching and support staff at Narrogin Primary School. Please refer to the list below.


Tanya Shepherd Teacher, Kindergarten Kindergarten, All groups, Offsite
Katrina Kirby Teacher, Kindergarten Kindergarten, All groups, Offsite
Tineke Conlon Teacher, Pre-Primary PPC
Cassie Harris Teacher, Pre-Primary, Year 1 Room 11
Jen Whiteford Teacher, Year 1 Room 12
Ingrid Byway Teacher, Year 2 Room 10
Heather McDougall Teacher, Year 2/3 Room 14
Emma Hayes Teacher, Year 3 Room 13
Kellie Atherton Teacher, Year 4 Room 7
Naomi Kittow Teacher, Year 5 Room 1
Sue Bicknell Teacher, Year 5 Room 1
Kelly Hogg Teacher, Year 5/6 Room 3
Cindy Tyler-Tourle Teacher, Year 6 Room 2


Christine Davis

Teacher, Art

Marion McDougall Teacher

Holli Hanson

Teacher, Physical Education

Andrea Cowcher


Kellie Symonds


Marion Witham

Teacher, Music
Alison Blight Education Assistant
Kylie Bradford Education Assistant
Chelsea Coxon Education Assistant
Emily Early Education Assistant
Jo Grover Education Assistant
Lili Palumbo Education Assistant
Lea Ings Education Assistant
Jenny O'Connell Education Assistant
Paget Elliott Education Assistant
Nardine Woodford Education Assistant
Nat Seward Education Assistant
Desi Wilkie Chaplain
Basil Kickett AIEO
Chadd Kickett AIEO
Robyn Rowe School Officer
Amanda Savage Library Officer
Rob Shepherd Gardener / Handyperson
Jarrod Draper Gardener / Handyperson
Donna Ah-Yick Cleaner in Charge
Sandra Randall Cleaner



If you would like to contact School Staff please call us on 9882 1700 or send your email to Narrogin.ps@education.wa.edu.au and it will be forwarded to the correct staff member.