Our Staff

Leadership Team


Mrs Eloisa Goss

Mrs Eloisa Goss - Principal

If you would like to email Mrs Goss, please send your email to eloisa.goss@education.wa.edu.au

Mr Tobias Walters - Deputy Principal

If you would like to email Mr Walters, please send your email to Tobias.Walters@education.wa.edu.au

Holli Hanson

Mrs Holli Hanson - Deputy Principal

If you would like to email Mrs Hanson, please send your email to Holli.Hanson@education.wa.edu.au 








Mrs Michelle Edwards - Manager Corporate Services

If you would like to email Mrs Edwards please send your email to Michelle.Edwards@education.wa.edu.au





Other Staff

We have a dedicated team of teaching and support staff at Narrogin Primary School. Please refer to the list below.


Tanya Shepherd Teacher, Kindergarten Kindergarten, All groups, Offsite
Holly Cramer Teacher, Pre-Primary PPB 
Fuchsia Walz/Stevie Savage Teacher, Pre-Primary/Year 1 PPA 
Jennifer Whiteford Teacher, Year 1 Room 12
Ingrid Byway/Naomi Kittow Teacher, Year 1/2 Room 10
Alyce Donaldson Teacher, Year 2 Room 11
Heather McDougall/Macy Arvidson Teacher, Year 3 Room 14
Emma Hayes Teacher, Year 3 Room 13
Kellie Atherton Teacher, Year 4 Room 7
Sophia Fourie Teacher, Year 4/5 Room 3
Tineke Conlon Teacher, Year 5 Room 1
Chloe Franklin Teacher, Year 6 Room 2


Christine Davis

Teacher, Art

Marion Witham Teacher, Music

Macy Arvidson

Teacher, Physical Education

Andrea Cowcher

Teacher, KindiLink

Cindy Tyler-Tourle

Teacher - Languages/Science
Toni Fawell Education Assistant
Stephanie Brown Education Assistant
Kate Wyllie - on leave Education Assistant
Jo Grover Education Assistant
Lili Palumbo Education Assistant
Lea Ings Education Assistant
Coral Parrett Education Assistant
Nardine Woodford Education Assistant/MiniLit Co-ordinator
Natalie Seward Education Assistant/ MacqLit Co-ordinator
Abigail Thayer Education Assistant
Laura Nottle Education Assistant
Olivia Whiteford Education Assistant
Tammy Tyler Education Assistant
Basil Kickett AIEO
Chadd Kickett AIEO
Robyn Rowe/Kylie Bradford School Officer
Kylie Bradford Library Officer
Barry Palmer Gardener / Handyperson
Jarrod Draper Gardener / Handyperson
Donna Ah-Yick Cleaner in Charge
Joseline Ngayirimana Cleaner
Sandra Randall Cleaner



If you would like to contact School Staff please call us on 9882 1700 or send your email to Narrogin.ps@education.wa.edu.au and it will be forwarded to the correct staff member.