Chance to Dance - WA Ballet

In 2021, our school received an amazing opportunity for two classes (5BK and 5/6H) to participate in the West Australian Ballet’s Chance to Dance Regional Program. This residency program consisted of nine sessions of 75 minutes over a two week period, culminating with a performance at our school assembly on Friday 5 November.


Tom and April were our Artists in Residence and they worked exceptionally hard with both groups of students to build relationships and provide engaging workshops that captured each group’s strengths and interests. While there was some hesitancy from some students about doing ballet initially, all participants thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


As the finale to this program, both classes travelled to His Majesty’s Theatre on Tuesday 30 November 2021 to watch the WA Ballet company perform ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at a matinee performance.


This whole program has been at no cost to students or the school. We are very grateful to the many sponsors that have enabled Chance to Dance to come to Narrogin Primary School.


Please enjoy the below video all about Chance to Dance and features students from Narrogin Primary School.