Shooting Stars


Shooting Stars is an educational program that uses sport and other tools to encourage greater school engagement amongst young Aboriginal girls and women. We empower Aboriginal girls and women in regional and remote communities to make informed choices about their education and employment journey, helping them strive for the stars.


Shooting Stars initially launched its program in Narrogin Senior High School in 2017, before expanding into both Narrogin Primary School and East Narrogin Primary School in 2019, now empowering 68 participants from years 3 to 12.


Shooting Stars works collaboratively with the local community, schools and service providers to affect genuine change in the lives of more than 375 students Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls. Importantly, the program produces results.  More than 25% of participants improve attendance term on term, while 50% of participants maintain an average attendance rate of 80% or above.


Furthermore, Shooting Stars is a key driver in creating equality for female leaders and generational change, with 85% of its staff and 66% of its Board identifying as Aboriginal. Our Program Coordinators are inspiring, women who are responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of the program, and our outcomes are measured and reported using an Indigenous evaluation protocols.


Shooting Stars enjoys the backing of Netball WA and with that support comes nearly 100 years of history and professional experience in advancing local communities and empowering women and girls, as well as the National Indigenous Australia’s Agency in addition to numerous other organisations.


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