Specialist Programs

Art - Mrs Christine Davis


Term 3, 2016


In term 3, we are currently finishing our "Sgraffito" (Italian for scratching) tiles for our new Reconciliation Garden and Meeting place.


Each student and staff member has been creating these beautiful bi-coloured art works.


They are made by painting a contrasting coloured slip (watered down clay) onto a clay tile, and then designing and scratching in a beautiful design inspired by an Aboriginal pattern.


Soon we will be recommencing our painting on a board project, which will spill over into next term, and then each class will vote on a variety of craft projects such as weaving, insect houses, mask decorating, jewellery, cushion making etc.


Also mid term 4, we will be holding a Christmas stall of our crafts.


The students have been working really hard and it’s thrilling to see and enjoy their achievements such as Bianca Thollar and Gracie Ward achieving top 5 in the state of the Art Focus book illustration competition. Bianca went on to be published in this year’s book 'Outback Jack’s Great Race'. You are both stars! Well done to all our students, our school was highly praised.



Term 2, 2016


With the commencement of Term 2, students in Art are taking part in the 2016 Therapy Focus Art Competition by creating artworks that illustrate the pages of a supplied storybook entitled ‘Outback Jack’s Great Race’.


This annual art competition is a state-wide school art activity that encourages greater understanding, acceptance and inclusion of children with special needs.


This year, the story has been written by Krystal Cotterill, a young aboriginal woman from the remote town of Leonora, and is inspired by the 2016 National Children’s Book Week theme, Australia. The narrative features characters who have disabilities and encourages readers to celebrate the unique talents and abilities of every individual.


One hundred finalist artworks will be selected from entries and go on display at Westfield Carousel, Whitford City and Innaloo shopping centres in the July school holidays. The community will then be invited to help select winning artworks to feature as the illustrations in the published storybook by voting online.


Students will also be looking at colour wheel colour theory, and this will culminate in students doing a landscape, seascape or Aboriginal painting of their choice on a board.