ANZAC DAY 2018: Do Not Forget Australia by Lilli Beresford


During the combined schools ANZAC Day service on Friday, 13 April, Year 6 student Lilli Beresford presented a moving tribute which she wrote herself:


Do Not Forget Australia by Lilli Beresford

Days, months, years could have gone by,

Hope was lost as hope filled the sky.

Gunshots, screaming clouded their heads,

Worries, angers, loss were written in red.


In tattered wrecks and homes they cowered,

Their screams and cries would never be heard.

As tightly as they held their loved ones dear,

They held on to their hope with every tear.


Unsuspecting they were on that memorable night,

Nothing was heard, nothing was in sight.

The stars were hidden and with them too,

The Australian diggers, their hopes renewed.


They fought and fought like never before,

Because they knew this battle would end their war.

The Germans weren’t ready and although they tried,

Their troops and defences slowly died.


100 years later we stand here today,

Remembering what they did on that very day.

Villers Bretoneux was the village they won,

Returned to its people with the rising sun.


Built in honour a tower and cross,

Marking the great French and Australian loss.

Children of soldiers rebuilt their school,

Written on its walls their eternal rule,


Do Not Forget Australia, Ne Pas Oublier l’Australie.