Kindergarten Class Structure Changes

At Narrogin Primary School Kindergarten, we pride ourselves on offering the best education to all of our students. As a result of this, we have had to make some changes to our current Kindergarten structure commencing at the beginning of Semester 2.

Our Kindergarten enrolments have increased significantly since the beginning of the year. This is fantastic news for our school, but it has come to a point that for the benefit of our students, the Kindergarten structure has changed from three groups back to two groups.

The new structure will be:

Group One

Monday 8.45am - 3.00pm

Tuesday 8.45am - 2.30pm

Wednesday 8.45am - 3.00pm (Odd weeks)

Group Two

Wednesday 8.45am - 3.00pm (Even weeks)

Thursday 8.45am - 3.00pm

Friday 8.45am - 3.00pm

Parents and Carers have been notified as to which group their child will be attending, however if you have any questions please contact Mrs Tanya Shepherd on 9881 2926 or email