Open Classrooms and Parent Opinion survey

As a school staff, we would like to invite our school community to particiapte in our annual Open Classroom event,

which is being held on Tuesday 15 September, from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. We encourage you to visit the school with your child/children so they can share some of their great work and school experiences with you. Whilst you are at school we would appreciate if you could participate in our annual school Parent Opinion survey which will be available on iPads in each classroom.

Link to Parent Opinion survey: 

As you are aware, we are in Phase 4 of Covid-19 restrictions so there are guidelines and restrictions which need to be adhered to. There will be limits as to how many adults are in a classroom at a time. This number will be displayed on each classroom's entrance. Please check that you are not exceeding this number prior to entering the classroom and that you are maintaining physical distancing of one person per two square metres on school premises. Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use in each class.

Please note: Previously there has been a sausage sizzle and drinks available for purchase and a Talent Show following the opening of the classrooms. This will NOT be occuring this year due to the difficulty of complying with Covid-19 guidelines.